Our Philosophy 

Since 2002, Learning Circle has been helping organisations equip their staff with the skills to do business better. We belive that all business change should be:


It will continue to deliver into the medium and long term. We do not work to deliver temporary fixes but seek to understand the organisation’s structure, drivers and ethos so that change can become habit.


The same results will be delivered no matter who is involved. It builds trust within sales and bid teams and provides consistent delivery of results across an organisation.


The strongest results are delivered when the actions of management are aligned and supportive of the actions of the sales and bids teams. We work to ensure actions and behaviours are aligned across all levels of the organisation.


People are convinced by stories and access to expertise. We preach what we practice and believe passionately in what we do based on the sales results we have personally achieved.


To do this we focus on developing four aspects of an organisation.

  1. Process: Design bespoke processes that embody best practise but work with the company culture and for the target market
  2. Toolkit: Tools that make the job easy, capture information that supports good decision making and support corporate governance
  3. Resource Management: Ensuring that people’s time and company investment is focused on producing effective and efficient outcomes
  4. Capability Development: Ensuring people have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver.
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