Learning Circle

Our approach is based on the premise that alll sustainable businesses need to be great at two things - winning business and delivering it.

We help organisations increase their revenue by winning more, and deliver more profitably by developing people. We work with those who:

  • Find proposal writing too complex or stressful, even when they win
  • Consider their sales win rates and win values too low
  • Are not sure how they are going to meet their strategic business targets
  • Are frustrated when personality and conflict prevent the real work from being done
  • Want to develop the structure of their organisation and teams in order to get the best out of them


Nurturing Talent
Growing Business

Nurturing Talent

Typically, managers and team leaders tell us that they wish they could spend less time sorting out staff interpersonal issues and conflict and spend more time actually doing the job. We help team members develop a better understanding of themselves and others so that they can reduce conflict and become more productive.

Feedback we have received includes:
“You haven’t really told me anything abut my team that I didn’t already know. The difference is that you did it in a day but it took me 6 months. I wish I had done this at the start!”

We use a tool called SDI. It is a self-assessment tool that helps people understand what gives them a sense of self-worth and what’s important to them when relating with others. It quickly and easily gets people connecting and really talking to each other. SDI facilitates stronger working relationships through:

  • The insights people gain
  • The acceptance it encourages
  • The conversations it informs
  • The trust it increases
  • The conflict it decreases

Growing Business

We help organisations win more business through:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Strategic account planning and management
  • Tactical opportunity management from opportunity identification through qualification and tracking, responding to PQQs, bidding in response to ITTs and RFPs, and proposal management and writing. 

With a successful track record agined through 20 years experience, our aim us to help bidders get it right first time and avoid the myriad of mistakes and pitfalls that are all too often accepted as the norm. It doesn't have to be chaotic and stressful; the win rates of the opportunities that we have been engaged on show that best practice delivers the best results.

Feedback we have received includes:
“The proposal was a joy to read” – MoD Assessor



"Learning Circle have provided us with many courses, including management development, and leadership courses. Not only have I benefited from being a delegate on many of the programmes that Learning Circle have provided, but so have my staff and colleagues, at all levels of the organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Victoria's company to any organisation, be they blue chip or a small medium enterprise."

- Paul Madden, FP&A Strategy Manager


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