Helping Organisations Win More

Winning new business can be a challenge

Common reasons why organisations struggle with growing their business include:

  • A mixture of different processes, terminology and skillsets make it difficult to fully capitalise on the business winning talent within the organisation;
  • Sectors heavily reliant on a small number of large customer organisations find it difficult to develop account management skills;
  • Bid teams who had been successful on smaller bids find it difficult to achieve the same level of success on larger bids.

Who we work with

Typically, we support sales people and teams who make large, complex sales, usually to Government departments and large NGOs or public service organisations. 
We help senior management who want to improve forecasting accuracy and the quality of their sales pipeline, and bid and proposal teams who want to respond to formal tender requests more clearly, concisely and successfully.

How we help

The basic principles behind all business winning processes are the same. What makes each process different is the way that it is implemented in-house and reflects the organisation’s ethos and values. Every organisation is different, and we reflect this in the way we work with each one.
Typical projects include:

  • Developing a sales process based on experience, industry best practice and NAO guidelines and documented it in a clear, concise handbook with an associated toolset of softcopy templates.
  • Developing and running implementation workshops for those involved in sales to provide an overview of the process and put the toolset into practice on live opportunities. 
  • Support to live bids to coach people in using the process and to provide consultancy where in-house resource is limited.

How we know it works

The teams we work with see tangible results, such as:

  • An organisation who achieved a 13% increase in win rates within a year;
  • An organisation who improved pipeline accuracy and management to the extent that the annual forecast of a validated £5Bn pipeline to took two hours, instead of two weeks. Five years later it is still delivering on its forecasts;
  • An organisation who saw their average win value increase by 50%;
  • An engineering services company moved into the FTSE 100 when it started reporting a robust sales pipeline and order intake to the City.

Feedback from our customers includes:

“Having the ability to practice using stakeholder maps and capture plans helped me to realise how important it is to do these tasks in order to help focus on customer needs and how we can influence that.”


“This has helped me come up with a new way in to the primes via the creation of a ‘plausible emergency’ and to me personally this is value enough from attending the course.”


“Both facilitators were excellent – clear, engaging, energetic and knowledgeable.  They seemed to believe in the process and could demonstrate use of the techniques with examples.  In addition, they picked up on comments and questions with good understanding of what was being asked.”


“I truly believe that without this investment we would not have lifted ourselves out of stagnant growth and met our year on year growth targets for the last three years.”


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